From tiny, hairy hobbits to blue, humongous humanoids, here is the run-down of the Top 10 All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses. Click on them for our reviews.

  • 10. IRONMAN 3iron_man_3_poster_final 

    RDJ at his best, Shane Black at his funniest and Big Bad Ben Kingsley at his maddest.

    9. FROZENFrozen_-_Poster

    A big surprise at the time. The trailers were rubbish! But wow, it got bums on seats and rightly so.

    8. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENSstar-wars-force-awakens-official-poster

    The least shocking of all the films in the top 10. Within two weeks it made £1b and just wouldn’t stop. [Insert ‘force is strong’ cliche here].

    7. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-2-movie-poster-01

    Don’t worry the camping trip is finished. Speccy kid and bald bloke finally get their sh*t on, and it’s actually worth the wait.


    Not a great villain but the team is back and after the (Hulk) smash hit of Avengers Assemble, Marvel would have to have made an absolute stinker for it to not be Box Office gold. As it happens, they did a pretty good job. Check out our review.

    5. FURIOUS 7ff7_busshltr6_rgb_0217_1_web

    Since when did an action series get better as it went on?! Well this is probably the best of the lot thanks to the ROCK and absurd stunts. It was also huge at the Box Office because of the untimely death of star Paul Walker during the filming.





    4. AVENGERS ASSEMBLEA nerd’s wet dream, but even the biggest geeks couldn’t have predicted how successful it would be. Probably all down to Joe’s Newsround report on it…

    3. JURASSIC WORLDJurassic-World-posterWith the nostalgia factor plus a new generation of dinosaur fans, it was always going to be bigger than a T-Rex with a food baby. But no one imagined it would dwarf even the highest expectations at the Box Office.

    2. TITANICtitanicYou know the score: poor kid, rich girl, big ship, Winslet’s boobs, iceberg, Celine Dion career revival…Ka-CHING!

    1. AVATARavatarBig. Blue. 3D Beast. Cameron knows how to re-invent the wheel and get everybody talking about it.

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