logo_1C10 Second Reviews first began in 2009 when friends Matt and Joe decided to publish the text message movie reviews they used to send to each other.

Since then we’ve reviewed almost 2,000 films including all the big cinema releases, plenty of classics and anything else we’ve come across.

Now we’ve expanded the team to four and launched this brand spanking new website. We’re still migrating all our reviews over from the old site so keep checking back if you can’t find the film you’re looking for.

(Oh and the header image is the film we are all most excited about at the moment)

Meet the team:


Favourite Film – Jaws (shock!)

Favourite Director – Christopher Nolan

Favourite Actors – Leo Dicaprio and Penelope Cruz

Who would play me in a film: Dwayne Johnson

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Favourite Film – Jurassic Park

Favourite Director – Michael Mann

Favourite Actors –  All the Toms – Cruise, Hanks, Hardy . And Al Pacino.

Who would play me in a film: Matt Damon (equally I could play him)

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JAMIEHan (1)

Favourite Film – Original Star Wars films

Favourite Director – Steven Spielberg

Favourite Actors – The Cruiser, Dustin Hoffman, Carey Mulligan, Emma Stone, Oscar Isaac.

Who would play me in a film: Jake Gyllenhaal

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JONjon naylor movies

Favourite Film – Back To The Future

Favourite Director – Christopher Nolan

Favourite Actors – Kevin Spacey, Leo

Who would play me in a film: Streetcar-era Brando, obvs

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  1. Loving the look of the new web site and will keep coming back to see what films you have added. More Robert Redford and Paul Newman would be nice! Not new I know but classic films.

    1. Post

      Glad you are enjoying the new site Linda. We are still migrating over all of our old reviews (almost 2,000 of them!). So keep and coming back and you should find plenty of Redford films – we are huge fans too.

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