AVERAGE FILM SCORE: 7.5 The front-runners of dark, oddball cinema for more than a quarter of a century. They consistently deliver quotable, surreal & farcical films. Expect sharp dialogue, weird characters and insane plot lines. Love them or hate them, there’s a Coen flick for everyone.


AVERAGE FILM SCORE: 7.25/10 A passionate writer/director with a knack for cool dialogue, flamboyant action and self indulgent screenplays. A proud plagiarist who steals from the martial arts, gangster and western films he loves; to make movies we love. Most of the time. OUR REVIEWS


AVERAGE FILM SCORE: 7.1 The daddy of the Directors Cut, packing out cinemas as well as DVD extras. He creates vivid worlds from Ancient Rome to 2019 LA. Despite some flops, Sir Ridley’s made many iconic films with unforgettable scenes from THAT chestburster, to those tears in the rain.


AVERAGE FILM SCORE: 7.4 One of Hollywood’s best kept secrets yo-yoing between big, glossy A-list features to small, niche indies. His films often ooze with stars & explode with style. He’s unpredictable, one of a kind & clearly isn’t scared of a challenge.


AVERAGE FILM SCORE: 8.2 A certified crime connoisseur who has done it all – bent cops, nasty robbers and fast cars. He brought Hannibal Lecter to the big screen, convinced Cruise to go bad & made Pacino & De Niro have coffee. He doesn’t make many movies but they usually purr with style & cause a stir.


AVERAGE FILM SCORE: 8.8 A sci-fi icon, a master of sequels & the king of the box office. Whether he’s sinking historic ships or creating cyborgs from the future; his films are always exciting, visually stunning & pushing the boundaries. Cameron doesn’t just make movies, he makes cinematic events. OUR REVIEWS


AVERAGE FILM SCORE: 7.9/10 An influential & passionate storyteller. Known for focusing on extreme men with brutal stories & partnering with A-listers like De Niro & DiCaprio. From violent mafia flicks to ambitious biopics; his films are often 20mins too long but epic & unforgettable. OUR REVIEWS


AVERAGE FILM SCORE: 8.4/10 Powerful, popular & perhaps the greatest. He’s a sci-fi wizard, a craftsman of war & the creator of the Blockbuster. Whether it’s sharks, raptors, aliens or soldiers, he will go down as a true Master of Adventure. OUR REVIEWS


AVERAGE FILM SCORE: 6.8 A pioneer of the ‘lads-on-the-loose’ comedy who revels in booze, babes and bromances. His movies usually involve stupid blokes doing stupid things. Often outrageous, sometimes offensive but always very, very popular.


Batman meets his match in this colossal comic-book finale. The action is carnage, the music is epic & the story is FULL of bombshells. ——————————————————————————————————————– Release date: July 20, 2012 (United Kingdom) Director: Christopher Nolan Running time: 2h 45m Film series: Dark Knight trilogy