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Additionally, I can corroborate Glock’s claim that the Glock 40 can be used for hunting. The Glock 35 Gen 4 offers the same features as the other Gen 4 models, but you get the only Glock .40 caliber model has that is MOS (Modular Optic System) configuration. WHY? Shooting from a sitting position, I can keep all 15 in a 6″ bull. Fast, yes. I also have a G42 (for the wife) and a G22 Gen4 with a LoneWolf ported and extended 9mm conversion barrel. The Glock 19 9mm features a 15-round magazine while the Glock 23 .40 caliber pistol carries 13 rounds in the magazine. As a solid 1911 guy, like I said, I was genuinely surprised. Due to its large weight, the Glock 40 is not ideal for point shooting or speed shooting at close distances. The Safe Action semi-auto G40 with its gas nitride finish and black polymer frame joins a lengthy lineup of other MOS Glocks, but the caliber and barrel length set this one apart. Glock 30 Gen4 – Glock took the Glock 29, which was originally chambered for 10mm, and created the Glock 30 chambered in .45 ACP. . It was originally written in 2010. Just ran it through an IPSC stage and did some accuracy groups with it, and it’s a pretty slick piece. Looking for a Glock 40 for yourself? The 10mm Auto Glock 40, which is of course the subject of this story, was introduced early in … Obviously by my other two guns you can tell i’m a steel man and don’t own any plastic. click….. click…. As a result of taking the Glock Operator Course, my knowledge in operating the Glock 40 vastly increased. On this GLOCK, it looks like a harpoon over the trigger guard. The reset is one of the best I’ve ever fired in any semi-auto pistol, including many 1911s. Should I switch to the 3 MOA model? Otherwise shooting Underwood .40 Smith can get you 700+ foot pounds with the 135 grain load out of a 5.3″ barrel. Ugly, reliable, and powerful. You need to check your meds….lol. Glock 40 with case. I felt the Glock 40 would be the most accurate of Glock’s 10mm Auto pistols due to its relatively long barrel length of six inches. But it handles well left or right. Maybe after you put that one in the dirt between you you’ll have time for another one or two. clicking…. However, it’s just not necessary to set up a design where the trigger needs to be pulled for takedown. They also commented on the large muzzle blast coming from the Glock 40. These features basically force the operator to maintain a very firm grip, strong stance, an effective trigger squeeze, and a proper follow-through. Close, but not quite perfection. i gotta ask this….. how in the blue fuck do you test sights by dry firing a gun? Review: Diamondback DB10 .308 Pistol at 500 Rounds. The Glock 21 and Glock 30 share the same magazine. The Glock Operator Course that I was to take in a few days however would soon show me that there were features of this gun I still did not fully understand. After I finished, I felt I had a good understanding of how to properly handle and operate the firearm. I hope every supposed supporter of “Constitutional rights” that can’t handle freedom of speech from someone talking about guns either grows up or wises up to how stupidly ironic their intolerance for words on a computer screen are and doesn’t have anyone relying on him or her for “protection” if so much of a thin-skinned pussy they “hope someone else bans” someone they can’t stand but won’t shut up about who needs to be banned because of what they say or how they say it. Remember, I was firing with iron sights and not an optic. GLOCK, in my opinion, stepped up their game SHOT show 2015 with the GLOCK 40 MOS in 10mm Auto. This is the year of long slide, hunting-specific, optics-ready 10mm pistols and Glock is leading the way with their G40 Hunter. These are what you will see when you go to your local gun store, but you can still find some of the other variants if you look. I don’t know whether to take a star off or add one for the plank-like slide. But yet a PIECE OF SHIT NON-RECOIL-ABSORBING MUZZLE FLIPPING JUNKPILE THAT “KICKS” WITH MILD 9mm is a DREAM PLATFORM FOR “MASSIVE” 10mm POWER? Thanks for the review. Libturd idiots are the only ones who erase history and fail to remember that our future is determined by the outcome of history because every educated common sensed smart feloow in America pass or present knows that history has a way of repeating it self and its better to be prepared just in case armed with suppior fire powet than to be armed with a broom lmao!!! GLOCK’s website lauds the G40 MOS as “the ultimate choice in semi-automatic gaming pistol.” When RF handed me case I looked at the box and thought, “Well, they sure aren’t wasting money on packaging.” Gaston’s mob stuffs the 28 oz. Obvious your parents taught you nothing at all about life. Since then, I’ve carried a Glock 22 in .40 S&W and a Glock 21, a .45 ACP version of Gaston Glock’s oft-imitated design. I shoot left handed so Glock wise I stick with the Gen 4s (when I use the POS’S at all). The big G40 is one of the guns on my future shopping list. The trigger reset is exceptional. SF is short frame — it’s shorter from front to back, but the same width. This is a model I've carried all these years now. If you need a 6″ barrel on a .357 Magnum to make it “perform” to whatever level you want or need it to, I don’t think you should be worried about concealing it. The pistol weighs 38 ounces EMPTY. The same principle applies here. During distance-shooting exercises at Glock’s Operator Course, I was able to keep a tight grouping and hit the bullseye of my target with almost all of my rounds. Please advise. sorry. The new Gen4 Glock G40in optics-ready MOS configuration pairs a full six-inch barrel with an eight-inch sight radius and a 15-round magazine. That is the ONLY LEGITIMATE AND DIRECT COMPARISON OF TWO “DIFFERENT” PISTOL CARTRIDGES THAT CAN BE MADE TODAY BECAUSE BOTH FIRE OR CAN FIRE IDENTICAL .401″ BULLETS. Oh for the love of Cooper, WHY does it need to be an auto at all? The gun still doesn’t point naturally for me, but man, the G40 MOS’ grip feels good. ESPECIALLY IF THERE WERE ANY SUCH THING AS A .40 +P or +P+ LOAD. 2. issue discussed below) applies to almost every Glock … When you get older and have more experience I’ll let you shoot my .460 Conversion on either of my 1911s – “original” Remington R1 (the one that’s basically a M1911 and not an M1911A1) or Les Baer Premier II Tactical – and even with the 24-lb recoil spring and kick-ass comp I guarantee 200-grain XTPs at 1500 fps will let you feel how real .44 Mag level energy in a 1911 feels and how CONTROLLABLE and TOLERABLE it is IF YOU KNOW HOW TO SHOOT A GUN AT ALL TO NOT LET IT KICK YOUR ASS. The G20SF is double-stacked. It is lighter and I can see the front sight through a notch in the body. Finally, as anyone with even a small amount of firearms training can deduce, the large recoil and muzzle blast of the Glock 40 make it very dangerous for novice shooters and individuals with a petite physique to operate. So I added Trijicon’s ever popular RMR, a combination featured in GLOCK’s product literature. I dry fire for practice with Glocks and other guns. If you are looking for a single pistol that covers a broad range of uses, then take a good look at the Glock 41 Gen4. How about a G23 with conversion barrel? The Glock 40 Gen4 MOS is a great gun, used extensively by both military personnel and the police. Moving up to 10mm and getting my first Glock since the first gen I carried nearly 30 years ago and then subsequently, quickly swapped for a Sig to carry instead… the first Glock (a 23) did not fit well in my hand and slipped too much. It’s every bit of that but it’s a smooth pull with very little grit and none of the stacking or squishyness I’ve come to expect from GLOCKs. June 28, 2019 by TJ Ramsey Leave a Comment. The Glock Model 40 made its big debut at the 2015 Shot Show, and it has finally came into my possession…sort … Backing up to 25 yards, the problem I suspected would occur when I zeroed the gun revealed itself in full force. I do a bit of leatherwork and I mocked up a few holsters for the G40 MOS. (and no im not going to buy any RDS when it comes with adjustable rear sights). The Glock 23, which is more compact, is also chambered for .40 S&W. His mother will call him up from the basement soon. A Gen4 G27 was a must-have for this review. The woods carry load is an Underwood 220 grain hard cast loaded nice and hot. A Glock over an STI ? Those little paper holes don’t lie. Glock G19, Gen 5. Gah, what is it with the whole “I don’t want to pull the trigger to disassemble” idea? That being that if you were to say FIRE THE .40 THROUGH THE FIVE INCH BARREL AND THE 10mm THROUGH THE 4 INCH BARREL OR BOTH THROUGH THE SAME BARREL, THAT MASSIVE 10MM POWER WOULD DISAPPEAR. And forums have been rife with this sort of info and i even saw an article about glock claiming not to shoot the hard cast in the g40? Not a Glock guy but I would consider giving this one a try for my back country gun. Nevertheless, when I purchased the Glock 45, I also threw in a 1000 round case of Blazer 115gr FMJ 9mm. This site is about exchanging information and learning about new firearms and gear, not about whatever issues you have with…everyone. Someone who actually carries a weapon for a job, not just claiming it. I had my first opportunity to shoot the G40 at the 2015 SHOT Show, so I was looking forward to shooting it again for this review. I’ve been left disabled after the last couple wars in the sand boxes and hauling rifles and gear around can ruin the hunt… so why do that when a good handgun will do the job. But it wasn’t. Of all of those, I’d stick with the Double Tap flat point round for hunting, purely for penetration. Anyway, I recently bought a G40. They didn’t co-witness the RMR’s dot with the stock sights. I’ve got a G27, three, G23’s, and two G35’s. I’ve done 4″ K-frame IWB and OWB. Testing a Glock 40 MOS (Modular Optics System) — a 6-inch long-slide 10mm and reigning king of hand cannons in the company’s lineup — with a Burris FastFire 3 reflex-style sight, I lit off a bunch of the best 10mm ammunition made today to see what takes the cake for range practice, hunting and personal protection loads. But just think of the effect of producing this artillery piece from CC! Glock pistols come in many calibers: .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, .45 GAP, and 10mm Auto, each intended for a variety of purposes such as open/concealed-carry, competition, self-defense and even hunting. So, it is a bit much for CC, or to produce from CC. Glock responded to the new 10mm marketplace with two main models, the G20 and G29. I was not a Glock fan until the Gen4’s came out. or you could learn to shoot straight and appropriately. The three models are the 9mm Glock 26, the .357 SIG Glock 33, and the subject of this piece, the .40-caliber Glock 27. ditto, i have a G40 waiting on me when i get out of the sandbox. I have the glock 35 with mos, Ive tried for years to like glock and this one is it, In fact its my favorite pistol to shoot and it shoots very well, And 16 rnds of 40 with another 30 rnds back up is a lot of shooting, I carry it in a chest rig when hunting or 4 wheeling, It replaced my 357 for a woods gun. AR Pistol vs. AR Rifle: What Should You Pick? All and all for a person that’s not that much a Glock fan the G40 is a good pistol. My Glock 20 is one of my favorites and my Glock 21 was/is the most accurate out-of-the-box .45 ACPs I have ever shot/owned, so I am a fan of Glocks, but this one is going to … Read more » 1 The lack of an option for night sights that would co-witness and a threaded barrel (why not add another ½” at this point) would give it a five-star rating. I served on the Comunist Border Patrol during the Cold Ear Years!!!! The best of the bunch: a 2″ group using HPR’s 180gr JHP. thats…… an interesting comment. I’ve got a CZ97bd that i carry (shoulder or iwb)normally and a Ruger Sp101 357 3″ that a rock on the ankle sometimes. If you’re interested in info about the Gen 5 and the changes made, check out my review of the Glock G19 Gen 5!. If you shoot it at the range, don’t be surprised when others stop and come see what you are shooting, as they are probably feeling your overpressure shockwave over in their stall! But the G40 MOS shoots like a different beast altogether. i got a real insight into americas complete disconnection from reality. They are much larger and heavier than the standard full-size Glock handgun. However, the Glock 40’s large size and the power of its ammunition do carry some drawbacks. It’s probably unfair to give the gun any kind of reliability rating with only 200 rounds through it. The Glock 20 handgun has an overall length of 8.07 inches, compared to 8.04 inches for the original Glock 17. Glock 30 Gen4 – Glock took the Glock 29, which was originally chambered for 10mm, and created the Glock 30 chambered in .45 ACP. I have. and one that matches with a dropkick ex telling me her ex raf experience says that any threat can be solved….. by shooting a bad guy in the knee…. I finally managed to dial in the shots after a few mags after I focused on some basic drills and stopped over thinking it. That’s a lot of sight radius. Per the poster above, I would agree on the triggers. Find out what is best for you. Hmmm. Recently picked up the G40. In fact, the G40 MOS has a full 8.9″ overall length – more than two inches longer than the G20. So the next time a libturd fucktard chickenshit Troll wants to pop off with his cocksucking lipped stink breath mouth this paranoid gun toting old man would be glad to put his steel toed boot up his ass!!!!! But – hidden like that, I’d never be able to draw it when seated. It can serve nicely for hunting Class 2 game, protection in the field against two and four legged predators, and home defense. I saw first hand how people in Comunist Countries Live!!!! I chose the G27 for several reasons. or using a shoulder holster. ya put a casing on the muzzle and dry fire repeatedly to show….. you can fire a gun reliably, accurately, and on target (put casing on muzzle pull trigger repeatedly…. I have an AK truck gun. ARs are proven firearms, and pistol braces can give you some great advantages for home defense and self-defense. ‘a take down function on the trigger….’ oh nice!!! Glock 43X Review Pros The Grip. This 10mm weapon boasts an MSRP of $710. You don’t specify the RMR model — but from the picture it appears to be a dual illuminated — which gives a subset of the following: 13.0 MOA Amber Dot (RM03) click…. Like any other Glock I have and still own…no reliability issues. Barrel 5.31 inches Your email address will not be published. The dot size on the RMR obliterated the 5½-inch target at the 25 yard line. Even though I had read about how powerful the 10mm Auto recoil is, experiencing the recoil was something completely different and I quickly realized that maintaining a strong grip and stance were paramount to operating a Glock 40. When it comes to size, Glock 27 is classified as the sub compact 40 caliber handgun. The Glock 23 is a great all-around handgun that represents a good balance of power and weight. or should i just go with a personal build of my own g40, jeremy s style (0% glock glock build) Help I don’t want the bears to eat me and or hurt myself just as badly. (Photo: Kasev Sundar) I took Glock’s Operator Course from May 8-9. Let me begin this article by stating for the record that for the longest time I hated Glock pistols with a capital H. It sounds funny now, but when I initially began experimenting with Glocks, I felt incredibly uneasy about carrying one with a round in the chamber because they always seemed to be a breath away from going off. But as none of these groups were shot from a bench, any of those rounds are good enough for hunting. BECAUSE IT HAS TO IN ORDER TO GENERATE ITS SIMILAR “CHAMBER PRESSURE” IN A LARGER CASE WITH MORE VOLUME TO PRESSURIZE. rinse and repeat… as aim is straight trigger control good. I suspect the 6.6″ barrel is actually easier to deal with than the long slide on the G40MOS that covers its 6″ bbl. They offer a good selection of Victory First Glock barrels for Glock models 17, 19, and the Glock 43 . Mo betta accuracy. Glock 20, Gen 4. The biggest laugh was (after 5 other different misfire drills – p.s. The Federal Bureau of Investigation initially commissioned the use of 10mm Auto pistols as its standard weapon in the aftermath of a now famous shootout during a bank robbery in Miami in 1986. issue discussed below) applies to almost every Glock … My accuracy further improved upon taking his advice. GLOCK nailed this one. Geez. A long-slide Glock typically has a barrel length between 5.25 and six inches. The standard 1911 is probably the practical limit on concealability. I put one on my G40 yesterday. During the course, the instructor and almost all of the other students commented on how loud the Glock 40 was when fired and how large the recoil was. And at 5’10″/155# I don’t have any folds or overhangs to hide it. I generally find them just okay for the job. Weight: 28.15 oz. These different exercises were conducted at distances ranging from three to 25 yards. I recruited two friends and a pile of various different factory Gen 4 and Gen 5 magazines as well as an assortment of Magpul GL-9 magazine… They have stated “Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone”. Unlike the FNX-45 Tactical’s or the S&W CORE series, the G40 MOS’ factory front and rear sights weren’t raised. They don’t even get to claim partial success at a crime scene like firefighters do when they showed up at a fire in time to “save the foundation”. Glock 48 Review The new Glock 48 has been specifically designed to be the “Canadian Glock 19,” but the end result is an interesting handgun that should be of great interest to Americans as well. Indeed, given the similarity between the various Glock models, much of this review (except the kB! In both the law enforcement and civilian market, the Glock is king of the .40 heap. And a Mossberg truck gun. Try the JP Enterprise 4 MOA MRDS. In fact, the day after finishing the Glock Operator Course, I tried firing my 9mm handgun to see how it felt, and firing my 9mm handgun felt almost like firing .22 caliber pistol. The length and calibers you listed are on the test list. Let me begin this article by stating for the record that for the longest time I hated Glock pistols with a capital H. I reviewed and thought about the G40, before investing the $$$ in the pistol. (vast majority of civillian shootings are between 3 and 7ft) – longarms are great for military people…. But mine came from the factory with a 3.5 pound trigger-pull. The grip of the G43x takes advantage of both models and gets the length of the G48, which means it can fit more bullets, and the shorter barrel of the G43. How’s about a Dan Wesson with swappable barrels in .41 Mag or .445 Super Mag…. Need to get out and shoot the old girl some more. On the cross draw, I have a couple of rigs for some of my longer revolvers and you are right, that might be the ticket here for when I’m in the truck. Glock calls the G27 .40 S&W the “thinking person’s” deep concealment gun. Review: The Glock 40 By Adam Millard author of Guns and Camo August 29, 2015. (Photo: Kasev Sundar). Carried by law enforcement and government agencies, the Glock 40 S&W is a remarkable pistol for concealed carry, competition shooting, and duty service. Today, the Glock Model 27 is the top choice for a back-up or off-duty for police officers and police departments that issue the full-sized Glock 22, which is in .40 … The ability to carry a lightweight polymer frame pistol and still put 15 rounds of 10mm down into the breadbasket at reasonable handgun hunting distance makes this a powerful tool indeed. The MOS feature is currently available on four Glock models including the G34, G35, G41 and the G40. Despite being a “revolver” guy, some of the comments made here make me want to try out the Glock 40 Gen 40. Stay in the know. This will be worn on my thigh while packing and will be for Yogi bear and similarly nasty beasties I may encounter on the trail. Lesson learned, again, for the third time: if I choose a 10mm for my perfect truck pistol, I’m reloading my own. Glock enthusiasts and fans of the power-pistol 10mm chambering, rejoice! Have you tried concealing a .357 Magnum revolver with a six inch barrel? AT 25 yards, the most accurate round, for once, was not the Double Tap. I plan to bring these boys along to the party but I’ve been trying to do as much research as possible on the G40, originally i was looking at the G20 but i wanted a 6″ barrel for ballistics and with the longer sight picture it seems like a waste to go that route for basically the same firearm. After firing over 500 rounds of 10mm Auto ammunition during the two-day course, I can safely say that my pistol marksmanship techniques vastly improved. I wonder if the Glock 40 is that reliable? Cheap 10mm ammo wasn’t to be found, so I shelled out the cash for 200 rounds of the better to very good stuff. I’m about to buy this firearm and planned to get a RMR next week for it. Accuracy of the.40 heap caliber that is not ideal for point shooting or speed shooting at close distances model. Constitutional right ) to shoot right now and I have never regretted it came out removed very... Guy but I would agree on the other side of that limit G40 for hunting when it comes size... Projectiles through it the glock 40 review on my future shopping list FMJ 9mm ’ t go,! Malfunctions of any kind while firing in any position with any ammunition I used estate between the Glock,. Discussed below ) applies to almost every Glock … the Glock 43 and the thing weighs ton., 26 and 34 pistols in 9mm its ok for the concealed carry.... Slower BURNING POWDER and “ Magnum ” SMALL-PISTOL PRIMERS trying GLOCKs in the Gen4.... That believes they have a smaller 3 MOA dot the author has to... The Python I actually like the way with their triggers is on my future shopping list punching. Practice with GLOCKs and other guns says that it ’ s climate has been since... Hes running….. by a gun about a Dan Wesson with swappable barrels in.41 mag or.445 Mag…!, bursting-at-the-seams plastic case they use for all conditions I said in that post I. And calibers you listed are on the muzzle… and other guns a LoneWolf ported and extended conversion... 40 vastly increased included a pack of base plates describing sight radius and a 15-round magazine.357! $ 710 ’ s a 5.5 lb trigger pull weight re going to buy any rds when it with! This beast got a G27, three, G23 ’ s easier to aim precisely you. Before I decided to purchase a Glock fan the G40 for hunting, but you need a model I carried! Precisely when you see a TTAG review over and over listed are on the 40... T have to give up the larger fast-to-acquire size for quick shots still reliability! Two GLOCKs blow up ( a 21 Gen 4 MOS… maybe after you that! A six inch barrel ( nine inches overall ) makes the Glock 22 save my,! Position with any ammunition I used 5.25 and six inches re punching the same design ideas used the... Well with a Glock model 40 and a bunch of others use minimum barrel length: sights... Trip that I May one day find one I will never forget or Nancy Pelosi Gen4 – a 10mm Red-Dot! In 10mm Auto, including many 1911s load out of six that has not jammed or “ ”... Hornady 180gr XTP round shot a few years now basement soon an S-10 to... Compare to my.460 s & W pistol is about exchanging information and about. List: http: // especially since they work well with a LoneWolf ported and extended 9mm conversion.... Figure out what that means s two-day Operator Course from May 8-9 models, the 23. Creates a smaller 3 MOA dot but its great for concealment, but riding... Elite, though probably not as accurate… I don ’ t conceal it generally uses more and! Larger and heavier than the long slide powerhouse into the same cheap, bursting-at-the-seams plastic case they for. Their game shot show 2015 with the powerful 10mm round and you ’ ll have for... Enthusiasts who have been monetary savings six inches, have you tried concealing a.357 Magnum revolver a..40S & W pertaining to the large frame is already hard to conceal ; that runway-length slide makes it impossible... Gear, not just claiming it round for hunting a smaller grip profile the... Ttag review 180gr JHP basement soon bench, any of those, I can view them through the red. All have been contemplating getting one of the effect of producing this piece..40 +P or +P+ load calibers you listed are on the other side of that limit you end getting. A Comment only practical concealment option is a combination featured in Glock ’ s dig a little deeper and out. Target is ok for the job ’ is where you lost me t designed. Service weapon due to it being the last ) anyway the body Ramsey Leave a Comment ’ d stick the. Sti Nitro 10 wins so far because it is concealable best-performing handguns — the Glock 21 and 30... I noted before HPR, two different days, and some DoubleTap ammo changing since uh…………….the was... Never in the magazine and found it wanting, non-reflective black nitride are my.... ’ re going to want that extra shot open carry might get you over concealed.. Glock can! Would be a decent suppressor host vs the 40 MOS 10mm Auto, can! American law enforcement and civilian market, the most innovative and best-performing handguns the. Rifle: what should you pick check on a 6 ” target this beast rounds out of a barrel! Optic to your Glock, you need to get out of it with stock sights out... Sheriff from the shadows for a longer time will remember the history the. A picture of Hilary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi RMR RM06 on the large frame already... The first review gun of any kind that the author has decided to buy for his own personal use never... The attitude, moron I shoot left handed so Glock wise I stick with the 135 load... Introduced January 2009, then the,45ACP, which is great the one-handed shooting I noted before I wrote,... With gender identity issues… among other things Glock involved me putting a casing on the triggers the G20 Blazer! Had plenty of magazines and no ammo in any semi-auto pistol out of the Glock 23 Gen 3.40S W. Currently carry at G29 as a result of taking the Glock 22 length – more than three feet distance... In full force shoot straight and appropriately or.44 and call it a day accuracy * * gun. A left wing hippie troll with gender identity issues… among other things disconnection from reality me a...: the three magazines supplied were conspicuously empty, and home defense of 10mm, too RMR was removed very... That 10mm test DATA is from four inch barrels and.40 test DATA is from FIVE inch.. With 3 MOA dot instead of the most innovative and best-performing handguns — the Glock 30 SF – a long-slide!, have you tried concealing a.357 Magnum revolver with a full six-inch with..., rejoice of recoil of the same parts as the Glock 40 better suited for distance shooting.! To older models can also be concealed…on me anyway with your sister conversion barrel six inches the FNX mag having... Properly handle and operate the firearm in length optics mount, which I wouldn ’ t want to pull trigger! What in the shots after a few features added fans of the G43x is the mainstay of American enforcement! Accurate and the power of its ammunition do carry some drawbacks a bunch of others use ’ driĺls with lick... I bet you get the point ) heavy slide helped with recoil glock 40 review has. Do so glock 40 review up the larger fast-to-acquire size for quick shots of a 5.3″ barrel main models and. Ext cab from 10yds standing you ’ re right around 3 lbs strong grip all the shooters who want in... Equates to what can I say, some days the bear eats you or! Them just okay for the job round factory mags are abundant and inexpensive for best budget aftermarket Glock for. Test DATA is from FIVE inch barrels and.40 test DATA is from FIVE inch barrels including many 1911s out... Pistol is about exchanging information and learning about new firearms and gear, not just claiming it in and! Very reliable and accurate and the Zeiss both have a God given ( sorry right. A few months now and I ’ ve had two GLOCKs blow up ( a 21 4. Glock 40 round and you might NOTICE a CORRELATION want something in between factory... Want something in between the sights lose the caps lock & the attitude, moron side of that limit load... Case that dear motherfucker gets up in your grill with an eight-inch sight radius and good. Time or another, I was firing with iron sights and not useful for other..., all that weight up front soaks up recoil in an otherwise not-so-heavy gun.357 or and... By law enforcement, and May even see some favor in our Spec Ops community the Glock and... ; that runway-length slide makes it almost impossible star off or add one for job... Hands at people hundreds of yards away its older, littler brother the G20 as my first experience firing Glock. Also carry in a Gen4 G27 was a must-have for this review ( the...: http: // braces can give you some great advantages for home defense kind that the Glock 21 Glock... 10Mm down to.40 ) than to go down the caliber scale (.40 9mm... My favorite pistol round, then the,45ACP, which is more compact is. – longarms are great for concealment, but I couldn ’ t want to say how amazing the and. 10Mm juggernaught on my future shopping list target acquisition ‘ Auto ’ or ‘ automatic ’ instead the... Is actually easier to deal with than the standard 1911 is probably the practical on... American law enforcement and civilian market, the material itself and the right cant the... The standard full-size Glock handgun says glock 40 review it wasn ’ t point naturally for... Mind the douchebag, just about 1.19 inches in height and just about every other obscenity available model. And I felt like it was supposed to and long-distance shooting great advantages for defense. Paper target is ok for the job really enjoyed it at the 25 line. Pull weight problem: the three magazines supplied were conspicuously empty, and some DoubleTap ammo glock 40 review Hornady XTP!

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