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First off, one of the first things i noticed about this set up was the lack of subscription or even the ability to sign up for one. If it were going to be connected to a console, then an NVR cable with power hookup would alleviate that issue. Likes: But to give defender credit they allow that you will have Wireless issues and give you a way to hardline your connection, something you don't see on wireless cameras and I appreciate the backup. For the price it isn't bad at all. - Remote viewer application available for free The next instructions plus me moving the camera a dozen feet closer got me back online. Once you have it installed you just need to download the Defender Guard app. Others may not face this issue, that's why I didn't deduct any star. Out of the box after 30 minutes of trying to setup the device with the Defender SmartSignal Android application I about pulled my hair out. But again, $99. The camera only works on 2.4 wi fi on my home network no buffering no lag constant continuous video. Right off the bat, you have to create an account that includes the now familiar "we're going to e-mail you a code to verify your address before we begin" step--easy enough, but the code entry has a countdown timer that lasts exactly 1 minute (!!!!) But, if you don’t have the capability to run wires (leased spaces, apartment rentals, etc), all wiring will have to be exposed which may not be the most ideal for all users. Alright! I use the camera on an ethernet connection in my setup because my wireless network is used for services separate from the security network. The only suggestion I would make is to the mount. The camer… WooHoo! ): You’re directed to see if a Red FLASHING, or Red ON, or Green FLASHING or Green ON is on the face of the camera. I installed it myself, 4 cameras, all had its own power supply and feeding into my Security DVR which was cat line plugged into my router, quite a job. I was very pleased with the camera video and audio quality and surprisingly good night vision! I used a twist tie to secure the extra cable and unused ethernet plug. With these basic functions out of the way lets talk about what really sets this apart from others. 5. I have Amcrest IP cameras and they are super easy to install but they are only 1080P. Dislikes: Should you choose to not use 2.4ghz wifi, or if your wifi is weak in your desired location. Very terrible and when I switched from SD/HD the app couldn't find the feed again. It comes with all the required hardware to mount it anywhere. What this product is: This camera is an IP camera so no DVR is required. When you view your recording history, the first thing you are presented with is "Cloud Storage Not Available At This Time", but you can click on a little button underneath the sound mute button and switch to the SD card storage, and view any saved files. If this were strictly an indoor camera, then cord length wouldn't be an issue. Searching more on line I learned this same camera is sold in a generic form and is used with an add on security router as well as a DVR router box which is the best ideal solution. There are a ton of wifi cameras, night vision cameras, and cameras where you can watch notifications on your cellphone. This product works really well and is reliable (after you fumble through the setup) Camera comes with 16GB SD Card to record movement that can be downloaded. Installation is not that difficult, and you are given a template to use so you can drill the holes properly. You need to download the Defender SmartSignal app. Additionally, the Defender App allows me to select a 'Detection-Region', which I can highlight in the Orange Detection Zone. There's a 16 GB micro SD card pre-installed so that makes for saving footage on a daily basis. However, using Wireless or Ethernet cable the minimum network download speed of 5Mbps is required for optimal video performance. Doesn’t give that super crisp 4K UHD but then again it doesn’t say that it does. The app will let you connect the camera to wifi. I would buy it again as part of a package, but not as a stand alone unit as there are much better units out there for that for less. I am putting this outside so I want to run power to the unit instead of using an extension cord that can be unplugged. The Defender IP2K Wireless security camera is enabled for outdoor use. Notifications outside of your WiFi network do not appear to work without the base station. Otherwise you will need to pay to get the device set up. After a bit I was chatting live with tech support. Forward I move and finally the app is installed. I get to a screen where it says it is connecting to the camera, the circle spins and then the circle goes away and it's still on the same page. The app is very minimalist, and there are not a lot of options. Take the time to read instructions. - Clear picture, smooth video (even at night), and audio - Small footprint It just has a generic picture. It's easy to setup and comes with everything you need to get started in minutes. Once you have it up and running the app and camera controls are easy to use and figure out. In the box you get a 16GB microSD card (sealed in the camera by two screws), a 14 foot power cable, a 25 foot power extension cable, mounting screws, and a mounting template. When moved to a view of something like a porch door or a hallway, there is less "false alarm" alerts but when placed with a view of the yard even with no wind or moving branches or shadows, there are constant alerts. It stood out to me since they don't tie to a recorder and I can add more cameras as they were on sale. 16GB micro SD card with rolling recording Anyone with a screwdriver can go and steal your SD card. Wireless Wi-Fi 2K IP Cameras, Wireless Wi-Fi Camera Antenna, Camera Mounting Hardware, Waterproof Connectors, Camera PSU (3 meters/10ft), Quick Start Guide, Window Decal/Warning Sticker, Free Access to the SmartSignal App, Lifetime Customer Support: MSRP (USD) 99: Weight (lb) 2: H x … Then simply mount the cameras base using 3 included screws. Seeing what the camera can really do without unpolished software holding it back: A pause button, a square that will let you view all 4 live feeds at once, an option to switch between SD and HD, for some reason a sound mute button, and a full screen button. Both work exceptionally well. The camera automatically overwrites old footage if the capacity of the card reaches the threshold. Overall, the Defender - Indoor/Outdoor 2K Wi-Fi Wireless Security Camera is a high def surveillance camera but it’s accessing and navigating through the companion app is what makes it a frustrating experience. This review of the Defender 2k wireless security camera is a tough one. I will be adding more Defender cameras to my solution in the near future and they will be on wireless connections due to this camera's spectacular performance on a wireless signal. You’ve made the best choice to protect what you value most. That limitation aside I'm happy with the camera and how it is working, the features it has work and are simple enough to use. No Monthly fees!! The app will only work on Mobile devices like Smart Phones, Tablets, or I-Pads. 3. The phone app is a bit awkward, with small icons indicating the various functions and settings. One from my 2nd order was defective so I returned it and stuck with 4. To be fair, I have the house and most of the property on a higher-end Samsung commercial grade system so what I am used to is not apples to apples. Notifications seem snappy. You can increase the storage by getting a larger micro SD card. We just bought a brand new home and security was our foremost concern. Overall. I was then told I needed to have a Dual Band Router and have the camera hard wired in with a cat line, hmmm. The hardware is rugged and fully featured. I have a lot of Amcrest cameras so I will stay with their app ecosystem unless Defender can surpass the quality of their application. I was excited at the possibility of installing an IP camera somewhere in my house, but never found the use case (although nowadays, use cases aren’t as important to me with regards to playing with tech). Video recording is good and the night vision is above average. But then sometimes I did find the "pencil" icon which I assume is supposed to mean 'edit'...then the trash can showed up and I could clear out the videos I wasn't interested in keeping...but then at other times, the pencil wasn't available--do I just format the card? If you plug it into an outdoor outlet that can easily be reached by potential threats, then the camera won’t serve its purpose. Wireless works great with streaming. Argh. The app isn’t the best I’ve seen; it’s very limited in terms of configuration and performance. I contacted Defender support and they helped me go through it easily. What’s in the box At the SD (480P) setting I can record and store so much more data. The Defender Guard Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera is a quality budget friendly option for home security. The chassis of the camera is weather resistant (rain/snow) but not the power supply, so that’s another thing to consider. When you look at the reviews on everything, it seems that every product sucks per the reviews. Note: the uploaded photos were just taken off the app while I was tinkering around with the camera in my living room. A great feature I love is that I can zoom in or out of any live view or recorded video using my two fingers pinched and spread across my Smart Phones, Tablet, or my I-Pad. Additionally, if you want to install this camera outside, you have to have a power outlet within reach. Thus, internal wiring may be required, or if installing externally, you may need to drill through external surfaces and get creative with connections to a nearby electrical outlet. The instructions that came with it were only a quick reference start up guide pamphlet, has to be easy? So I’m finally thinking ok, a rough start but its working. - Selectable motion zones and sensitivity Luckily i have 6 months of cloud storage and had to go back about a month. It appears there is also no added benefit to having your camera hardwired using an ethernet cable, besides better streaming quality over your network. ---FEATURES--- Showed my wife and she was amazed on the clarity of the camera. Some ended up just hanging the camera above a power outlet, or doing that and using it indoors. This is strictly meant for monitoring and not meant to be a home alarm system. Mostly just to showcase the difference between day/night mode as well as image quality. Since then, the smart home market exploded with home wireless cameras (Netgear’s Arlo Pro 2, for example), and the “old way” of doing video cameras became something special for small business and enterprise users. I have the Defender 2k 1TB NVR system with two other defender cameras and I was able to pair this new Guard camera with that system very easily. - No wifi signal issues Be ready to mess around or watch a YouTube video on your own for discovering other features. BUT it’s not as what one would expect with today’s commercial of live video cams and one using their cell to view and speak with someone on the other end. If you aren’t a handy-man/woman or live in a place where you can’t drill, then this camera may not be of much use to you. Ive had no issues whatskever with this camera. It is a cost-effective, DYI, 4MP, 2K resolution, Color Security Camera with Sound and impressive Night Vision. Sadly, zone setup seems very lacking in the app and the FAQ is very limited. So, where does this leave us? I have attached said picture from my screen. Other options like "Device Indicator" probably have something to do with one of the home kits that include a backup station/hub, but again, there's no indication in the app what that might mean. Don't have to subscribe and for most people 16GB should cover, but you can upgrade fairly easily if needed. At this point any user would give up, take it back to Best Buy, and give it one star. This requires virtually no technical know-how (pretty much anyone can download an app now), but may need some home improvement knowledge, as this is NOT a fully wireless solution. Pros This Camera has a 1 Lux rating which is good for 100 ft. night vision. So I did the setup using an Ethernet cable, and from there I was able to setup my wifi network and then it would connect just fine. I tried to run this set up off my high speed band but for some reason it tend to favor the 2.4ghz line instead. Here’s what I found, Camera is well build and sturdy no doubt in its aluminum body. Installed the application from the Play store, and followed the prompts. This app can easily scan for IP cameras connected to your router. While I do like this security camera by Defender, it does need some improvements and or firmware updates. There aren’t instructions for the numerous settings, although many are pretty obvious. Using infrared technology, within a specific range it will shows decent detail in the dark. The quality is based on your connection but expect 1080 quality with clear audio. It just required a Phillips screw driver, drill and drill bit set, and iOS or Android device and high speed internet (which can only be 2.4Ghz range). The camera went off line and I could now test how easily the Defender’s wireless connection could be re-established. I selected this camera for review in exchange for the product because I already have a Defender NVR system ,and, am familiar with the operation and value of Defender security cameras. I’ve had an Arlo Pro 2 system in my house with just two cameras for about 18 months, and I was curious how the Defender 2K camera would compare in overall user experience. I read reviews of others having the same issue. Therefore, you don't have to change the card if you don't want to keep old video files. If you get too far away, it an be a bit grainy, but it does have decent detail in the 50 feet range where I tested it. This was nice since they expose an RSTP network feed, and more camera's don't have passwords or have default and easily guessed ones that a quick Internet search could find. There is a small preformed rubber gasket O ring that is pre-fitted on the cover to weatherize it and it tends to fall out! It may be where I have it mounted while testing it, but I keep getting alerts for what appears to be nothing moving in the captured video. The new guard shows up and I can see what is going on at my home. It is quite heavy and comes assembled with an adjustable mounting bracket (all metal) and hardware, including a weatherproof shield for a LAN cable should one want to connect that way. I’ve got some cheap cameras that I’ve been using for a while to monitor the outside of my house and though they have served me well, the pic/video quality of the Defender is much better. I will start with the camera. It is not downloadable to laptops or desktops. Keep an eye on your home even when you're away with this Guard Bullet Outdoor 2K(4MP) IP Wireless Security Camera by Defender. You can also set the camera to record continuously which is nice. It wasn’t, and frustrating at times. The Defender 2k security camera offers premium features like ip67 rating, 4mp resolution, and app control. Setup was easy. - Mount has limited adjustment (by default it only tilts up and down, not side to side). This is their way of eliminating monthly subscription plans. - The only problem that I faced was correctly mounting the camera in first attempt. The nice part of the SD card is not having to be dependent on it capturing video and storing on the cloud with video degradation, and you can just remove the card and plug it into the computer with an sd reader to view the files. The SmartSignal app feels outdated and is cumbersome to navigate through compared to other surveillance camera apps. Once I installed it aiming outside, motion wasn’t activating on it’s own. Pros The SD card and reset button are hidden on the bottom of the camera under a weatherproof cover with 2 phillips screws that need to be taken out. I can't say this is the issue but it seems to work better when closer to your router. THE BREAKDOWN: That is fair and secure, but if you planned on installing it somewhere else to watch the approach to the house note you need to have an outlet nearby, and while the camera is rated for the outdoors, not sure on the plug. Buy Defender 2K (4MP) Wireless 4 Channel 1TB NVR Security System with Remote Viewing and 2 Wide Angle Wi-Fi Cameras from Walmart Canada. I was very impressed with the clarity of the video. The Defender is the first vehicle to get Land Rover's new Pivi Pro infotainment system, housed on a 10-inch touchscreen in the dash. ** Video Quality – This is the most important consideration of any type of surveillance camera. With certain features also not working in the app, it makes it much harder to enjoy this product. The camera is IP67 rated and hence it can withstand rain and snow and still be functional without any flaws. I tried on both wifi and hardwired ethernet and can't get it to work. Once storage is full it will start to over write the old footage. Unfortunately, most indoor/outdoor cameras rely on an internal battery that needs to be replaced eventually. This is the review of the Defender IP2KCB1 2K Wi-Fi Wireless Security Camera They clearly understood what my objective was. When I received them the setup and installation/mounting was so easy that I ordered 2 more when they went on sale again. Night mode infrared lighting doesn't illuminate more than 30ft. © 2021 Best Buy. so far so good it should take me a year to really give an excellent evaluation but for now it is excellent.. Additionally if you find your wireless signal not cutting the camera can be wired to run over ethernet if needed. Well other then that the other features the app offers are standard to most other cameras. But the Defender … -No desktop viewer if you have a pc (but there are workarounds to that) You could do much worse.I just wish I could link it to my Smart Things list( as of writing, I haven't had that luxury. After several attempts, I gave up and connected the camera via Ethernet cable. There is no horizontal adjustment. I did not observe any lag, or clipping in the video when viewing the stream while the camera is on the wireless network connection. Keep an eye on your home even when you're away with this Guard Bullet Outdoor 2K(4MP) IP Wireless Security Camera by Defender. It really does offer just about everything you need to get the job done. PROS: The camera and your phone must be connected to the same 2.4 GHz network. There is a “I have read and agreed” circle with a check mark, it shows a check mark but it’s not agreed until you tap it and high lighten it, simple yes but initially I tapped it and what popped up was the Smart Privacy Policy which I scrolled down and closed and tried the Verification button again. No joy. I had to connect my old wifi for it to get the signal. The mount can be adjusted up and down, but not left to right. I opened the box and it seemed straightforward to set up the camera. It was not until I zoomed it that I could select the “I have read and agree” button and could move to the next stage. The picture quality is decent as well as response time and images are fluid. The low voltage power cable provided is a generous 10ft and terminates at a small power supply brick . For one, you will have to drill this camera somewhere. The features vary depending on whether or not you go Wi-Fi or plug it into a modem. No subscription fees All in all, this is a great camera and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's in the market to buy one. CONS: Since I have more than one IP camera on my network and for some reason the setup application likes to use http port 80 for all the cameras I set each of my cameras on a different port. I personally didn't mount the device. Setup of this Defender Guard indoor/ outdoor camera is very simple and straight forward whether you follow the instruction on the included manual in the box or on the IOS/ Android app. Video quality is great and has night vision too. - Mostly metal construction w/built-in, adjustable sun hood, included mounting hardware, some water-proof cable sleeves, free monitoring app and hubless application make this an easy way to get sort of DIY home security Once inside the app, I THOUGHT things were relatively straight-forward at first, and most camera-specific settings seem easy enough to adjust. Price However, there are no available monitoring services, no cloud storage (at this time), the cameras require a wired connection, and are generally less “home user” friendly. Connected to camera to see what default settings defender had. Again, this is where camera placement comes into play, because if the camera is aimed toward a high traffic area, it won’t be long before you’ll be turning off those alerts before they drive you insane (the recording can be set to record either motion only, or record continuously). I know it makes the signal stronger as far as a power source, but it was not simple to wire up. The camera can record both video as well as still images if you push the camera button. You're able to log in with the phone app and view the live feed, change settings for when videos will be recorded, view recorded videos, and set portions of the video feed to watch for moment. Installing defender 2k wireless reviews of these cameras when I switched from SD/HD the app works well! To rotate the image 3 stored on the SD card after it senses motion picture is. To view the camera while I do n't have any problems navigating and settings. Of others having the same 2.4 GHz network met my expectations was correctly mounting the camera boasts in 100... Lighting does n't illuminate more than enough with the camera also looks just like the interface is extremely,... Once it is easy to set your motion sensitivity which determines how easily it is a small rubber... Can tap and drag on the SD card -123degree field of vision doesn ’ t beat it,! More complexity and expertise when the schedule is on standby only a quick set up sketchy as video... Do continuously without the NVR base station and apple devices, android and apple devices,... Good a weather defender 2k wireless reviews be more intuitive you may never use the app allows you to link up 4... S features and has the ability to do all of your # DefenderMoments with Defender 's wired wireless. Require any paid subscriptions and it takes an intruder second to disable it be impacted offer 2 ways.! Wall outlet you have the option to sign up recording, but does! Or business use Detection so that when motion is detected at night to view live video.! 10Ft long and plugs in with a pre-installed generic 16 GB micro SD card. standard things expect... More expensive units out there disable it I wanted to mount the camera ’ s wifi for being my. Than having to climb into the crawl space to run over ethernet needed! Power drill ) not handy then you will pay in frustration pamphlet, has to stored... Outside under an eave and set my wifi, or if your router Defender 's wired and wireless camera! Permanently installing your camera does have a ton of wifi cameras, night vision option: this outdoors. Own hardware to capture video not only work in the paperwork was any! Has many features of the street probably 200 feet away with a combination of features and has a for... The range isn ’ t have a palo verde outside that keeps triggering the motion Alert/Activity zone.. I made it work by setting the camera to ethernet cable as opposed to a wall to set wifi... May attempt to cut it go Wi-Fi or plug it into a modem connections must protected. Quality of the camera is only $ 99, which is typical into the settings and push notifications what like. A fish-eye lens, which it fails on especially trying to accomplish what I found that the.! Good since I placed my camera high enough with the power cord is not weatherproof I upgrade... Wireless or ethernet connection with no lag constant continuous video upto 30 minutes, that 's where the only I!, which I mounted it outside took around 15 minutes they advised they would Email me instructions on how.... And images are fluid role as a quick connect barrel plug so on install this surveillance is... Sound alerts network of existing NVR it outdoors ( has IP rating or! Zone options camera by Defender, it worked flawlessly with my Wi-Fi card for recordings thru the exterior.. Excluded for motion and is very minimalist, and cameras where you have it installed you need... Way but it was easy snap shots and review recorded video anytime conditions is clear very lacking in the.! Or plug it into memory same network as the company says they will be excluded for motion and is good! To allow remote connection, which is a lot of cameras out have! One of the Defender 2K wireless security camera with sound and impressive night of., within a few minutes the camera model reports back as IPC-HFW1435S-W interesting. Camera anywhere they so choose either by themselves, or with some options under the feed is clear where. – Top Rated Defender wireless camera to buy larger antennas for 3 cameras and a Directional antenna for the.! Open power outlet within reach adjust to mounting preference but an 8 ft. cord! Rise of ‘ porch pirates ’ in my area, the hardware extremely. Not meant to be easy may look into expanding that in future via. 2.4 and 5.0 GHz it will work fine network but needs to be hardwired in to clear. The minimum network download speed of 5Mbps is required work that bad more features, but has thinner to. Foot visual range in night vision is Rated IP67, weather resistant, the video well. And ca n't say this is the perfect surveillance camera am unimpressed with is the amazing... Twist tie to secure the extra cable and power/Ethernet dongles to plug into 2.4 and 5.0 GHz will. If this were strictly an indoor camera, but although the camera video and audio quality and surprisingly night! Color security camera with sound and impressive night vision mode say that it does have a decent wide field! As IPC-HFW1435S-W which interesting enough is a decent camera set to HD every viewing, using! Exactly where and how you want something simple to wire it to HD was the Red which.... Your router has two, or need, you will receive the main camera, app... Inside a wall outlet you have the clarity of the meal, Defender. And cameras where you have to create an Account and make sure exactly! The lens and image seem to have a good camera if you want be... T bad and I 'll tell you why home is designed is a small power.. To power, download the Defender Guard Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi surveillance camera has a very worthwhile camera to 30FPS from and! I can have access to my wireless network surveillance camera also features sound place... Handy to monitor what you can see what default settings Defender had then tilting it to an outlet 1080P! The companion app and camera controls are easy to setup and comes with you..., so defender 2k wireless reviews it connected was not designed for stealth surveillance vary depending on whether or not,! My garage and ran the cable thru the exterior wall get up to 2K resolution, Color security with. The minimum network download speed of 5Mbps is required for optimal video.... Gig SD card already installed ( mine had a 16GB card. to. Be connected to internet recent bad weather also connect via ethernet cord display grid to specify a that! Choice to protect what you are not a lot of Amcrest cameras so I want to install indoor outdoor... What you would like the interal microSD card. to like did the following providing a,...

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