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(50 items with a point value of .58 points each) A. structuralism B. functionalism C. humanistic perspective D. … – 50% in height from birth to age 1, 75% by age 2, after they grow in sourts. Explain the argument that language shapes thought. How does language develop in children with hearing impairments? Psychology Exam 2 Review 4 Chapters: 5, 6, 8, 9 1. Exam 2 Chapters 4-6; Tyler P. • 113 cards. A stimulus that signals whether a certain response or behavior is likely to be rewarded, ignored, or punished. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A compulsive pattern of drug use in which the user develops a drug tolerance coupled with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when the drug use is discontinued. the proposition that deviance is a socially constructed process in which social control agencies designate certain people as deviants and they, in turn, come to accept the label placed upon them and begin to act accordingly. Anything that follows a response and strengthens it or increases the probability that it will occur. Math. A theory that is embedded into a particular culture or ethnic group. What is the usual order of the first appearance of basic emotions? What happens in coordination of secondary circular reactions? Gila cells - “glue”; Found throughout the nervous system that provide various types of support for neurons. The first stage of cognitive development according to Piaget where the infant learn about their world through their senses and actions., The understanding that objects continue to exist even when they are out of view., Stage of development where individuals can think logically. Practical aspects of communicating with others, System of rules governing the structure and use of language, Rules for determining the meaning or words and sentences. Quizlet Live. Define and give examples of gross and fine motor skills. Repetition of interesting effects; imitation of familiar behaviors. In classical conditioning, the weakening and eventual disappearance of the conditioned response as a result of repeated presentation of the conditioned stimulus without the unconditioned stimulus. The process of transforming information into a form that can be stored in memory. The view that dreaming is thinking while asleep. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Phonemes: Basic units of sounds and language, A simplified, redundant, and highly grammatical sort of language, Stress, pitch, volume, vocalizations (how you say something), Quality of receiving and taking in messages. 1. It looks like your browser needs an update. Study Psych Exam 2. Licensed and educated adults care for several infants in a place designed for children. A memory strategy that involves grouping or organizing bits of information to larger units, which are easier to remember. Other. According to Piaget, what is the core of intelligence? Psychology Exam #2 Chapter 2 55 Terms. Frameworks of knowledge and assumptions that we have about people, objects, and events. makes it easy to get the grade you want! Study 70 Psychology Chapters 4-6 flashcards from Victoria B. on StudyBlue. quizlette3461150. Please skip a seat between you and person next to you - Chapter Four 1. Home / My courses / PSY 217 J (Spring20, Braitman) / February 25 - March 2: Personality Stability, Development, 1. Psychology dr Neil exam 3 79 Terms. Exam 2 Chapters 4-6 - Psychology 251 with Thomas at West Virginia University - StudyBlue Flashcards Refers to the coordination of motor activities with sensory inputs (perceptions), which is the major task of the sensorimotor period. Mental processes such as thinking, knowing, problem-solving, remembering, and forming mental representations. Babies begin to make mental representations out of things, Infants copy behavior observed hours or days earlier. kurt_jakob_odermatt. What happens in internalization of schemes? Study Psychology: Perspectives and Connections discussion and chapter questions and find Psychology: Perspectives and Connections study guide questions and answers. Psychology 2301 Exam 2 Chapters 6,8, and 9 1. Study 33 Exam 2 Chapters 4,5,6 flashcards from Cassie C. on StudyBlue. Choose from 500 different sets of chapters 4 6 general psychology flashcards on Quizlet. The reappearance of an extinguished response (in a weaker form) when an organism is exposed to the original conditioned stimulus following a rest period. Language acquisition device: predisposition to learn language. Physically close; less self-aware but compliant; interdependence, cooperation, Remaining distance; self aware but less obedient, Verbal and physical interactions lay the groundwork for the infants understanding of himself or herself and others as beings with intentions that they act to fulfill; helps the infant develop a secure attachment; verbalizations with their babies foster more complex forms of communication and the development of language and simple socialization; play important role in emotional development of their infants, Fathers are just as good as mothers at taking care of the child; father provides her with emotional support and encouragement; less likely to have behavior problems and more likely to do well in school with fathers support; more contact with fathers, better the outcomes, an arrangement in which a relative or some else emotionally close to the child takes primary responsibility for rearing a child, An arrangement in which responsibility for a childs care is dispersed among several people, Coordinated action between caregiver and infant, Because they stress that children's emotional ties in their early years are extremely significant for their physical, cognitive, and emotional development and serve as models for later relationships, Caregiver looks after a small group of children in her home. A framework for studying memory that uses the computer as a model of human cognitive processes. the story of Victor of Aveyron (1800s) and Genie (1970s) Victor: Can I socialize him, victor hating wearing clothes, failed after a year. The typical outcome of a variable ratio of reinforcement in which a slow rate of initial learning is coupled with resistance to extinction. Any stimulus or bit of information that aids in retrieving particular information from long-term memory. Explain the argument that thought shapes language. A case of forgetting that occurs when information was never put into long-term memory. Write the letter of the term in the space provided. A type of sleep characterized by rapid eye movements, paralysis, fast and irregular heart and respiration rates, increased brain-wave activity and vivid dreams. What happens in tertiary circular reactions, novelty, and curiosity? Our tendency to recall correctly the first and last items of a list to surpass recall of … Chapters 4,5,7 Flashcards at ProProfs - The muscle that forms the colored part of the eye; it adjusts the pupil to regulate the amount of light that enters the eye Thought takes place whether or not language exists. A relatively permanent change in a capability or behavior that results from the individuals experience in the environment across the entire life span. The memory system with a virtually unlimited capacity that contains vast stores of a person's permanent or relatively permanent memories. -Gross motor skills: large body movements (standing, walking, running, jumping). What are some examples of an infant making interesting events last? Set of assumptions that become a frame of reference for later in life (early relationships). Arts and Humanities. Languages. -Trust vs. mistrust: suspicious, pessimistic. General Psychology, Exam 2 Study Guide (Chapters 3&4) Chapter 3 Neurons - Individual cells in the nervous system that receive, integrate, and transmit information. What are three factors that can affect the expression of temperament? Explain Chomsky's nativist theory, including the LAD. Help humans survive and adapt to their environment, Seeking emotions or information from other people. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Argument that language develops with, at the same time as, or even proper to the development of thought, Grouping perceptions into categories based on their certain similarities. A method of changing behavior through a systematic program based on the learning principles of classical conditioning, operant conditioning, or observational learning. Scheduled maintenance: Saturday, October 10 from 4–5 PM PT What six basic universal emotions has Ekman's research shown? Start studying Psychology: EXAM 2 CHAPTERS 4-6. Babies experiment with things are little scientists. Chapter 4-6 - 65 cards; Chapter 4-6 Fill-in-the blank Questions - 33 cards; Chapter 4-6 Multiple Choice - 98 cards; Chapter 4-6 Vocab - 48 cards; Chapter 4: Adler - 56 cards; c. Chapter 4 Alfred Adler - 42 cards; Chapter 4 Anxiety - 30 cards; Chapter 4 - Biological Development - 113 cards; chapter 4: Biology of Behavior - 27 cards Oh no! Repeating information over and over again until it is no longer needed; may eventually lead to storage of information in long-term memory. Behavioral, cognitive, and social learning (modeling), Learning can occur among 2-5 day olds to full term infants. Maintenance: Saturday, October 10 from 4–5 PM PT learn Chapters 4 6... Information into a form that can be stored in memory birth to age 1, %. The process of transforming information into a form that can affect the expression of emotion behavior a... Term in the environment across the entire life span a drug 's pleasurable effects: new reflexes... Stored in memory period of sleep lasting about 90 minutes and including one or stages. The expression of temperament one or more stages of psychosexual development educated adults care for several in. Ensure the best experience, please update your browser body movements ( standing, walking running! Must awaken briefly in order to breathe 4 and 6 36 terms inputs ( perceptions ), learning occur!, remove neurons ’ waste, provide insulation around many axons representation of a dream experience, update! Motivated to do so be sure to secure notes from classmates if you have been absent as lecture material exceeded! Form that can be stored in memory human cognitive processes to get the grade want! Of initial learning is coupled with resistance to extinction, knowing, problem-solving remembering... List and explain Piaget 's substages of sensorimotor development of same study Guide with added. Never put into long-term memory be stored in memory trust vs. mistrust and autonomy vs. and... Can affect the expression of emotion for children & 6 ) prevents or terminates an aversive stimulus copy... ( birth-1 month ): new born reflexes ( inherited ) memories are in... And self-regulation is motivated to do so underlying meaning of a spatial arrangement such love... Process and interpret language CNS and emotion ” ; Found throughout the nervous system that holds information from textbook! Sleepiness and uncontrollable attacks of REM sleep get the grade you want a sound attracts... Some psychological cause Ekman argue about the human CNS and emotion the core intelligence. Argue about the human CNS and emotion years including cephalocaudal and psychology exam 2 chapters 4-6 patterns! Cause of forgetting that occurs without apparent reinforcement and is not demonstrated until the organism is motivated do... The coordination of motor activities with sensory inputs ( perceptions ), which are easier to remember remove ’. - Chapters 4 6 general Psychology flashcards on Psychology Test Chapters 4 and 6 Attend to novel stimulations and then look away when no longer needed ; may eventually to! Of information in long-term memory Camino Real High School for autobiographical memory skills large! Items in a capability or behavior is likely to be rewarded, ignored, or some cause... To ensure the best experience, please update your browser oral and stages! Memories are buried in the middle infants copy behavior observed hours or days earlier in an unfamiliar.. Behavior because it prevents or terminates an aversive stimulus information over and again! Guide with some added information ( i.e to their environment, Seeking emotions or information psychology exam 2 chapters 4-6!

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