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These images meticulously surveyed the frescoes decorating the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Login with Facebook William Laud (1573-1645) was born at Reading, Berkshire, attended St John's College, Oxford, was ordained priest in 1601 and became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1633. The Bodleian’s collection of medieval manuscripts originates with the first books that the University of Oxford acquired. Digitized items include the MS.Laud Or.145, the well-known manuscript rutter, or manual of compass directions Shun feng xiang song (‘Favourable Winds in Escort’), which may have been derived from accounts of the voyages of the great Ming Dynasty navigator Zheng He; and the Selden Map of China, one of the first Chinese maps to reach Europe. Manuscripts and archives from the year 1801 to the present day. Of the 328 medieval manuscripts in the Merton library today, the vast majority were already in the college before the Reformation. Rare printed books produced after the 15th century, including Shakespeare's First Folio. Several manuscripts from these collections have been digitized, including MS. Pococke 400, a 14th-century copy of Kalīlah wa-Dimnah (the Arabic version of the Fables of Bidpai); MS. Pococke 375, a copy of al-Sharīf al-Idrīsī’s Book of Roger; and MS. Huntington 212, a fine 12th-century illustrated copy of al-Ṣūfī’s Book of Fixed Stars. The acquisition in 1817 of the collection of Matteo Luigi Canonici represented the largest single purchase ever made by the Library. There are an estimated 80,000 early printed books, and well over 1,500 manuscripts in the Western, Byzantine, Hebrew, Arabic and Music collections. The filmstrips, illustrating a particular manuscript or a particular theme, were compiled and published by the Library from the 1960s onwards, and were accompanied by handlists which form the basis of the descriptions. Arm. Roliston's Travelling Adventures.' Interest in Armenian culture and manuscripts goes back to the times of the foundation of the Bodleian Libraries with the first Armenian manuscripts entering the collection through the benefaction from Archbishop Laud (1573-1645). On 26 Jan. 1629 the manuscripts were deposited with William Laud at London House. Key dates for these buildings are as follows: Thursday 25 August Other highlights include the Douce Pliny, the Kennicott Bible, and MS. Barocci 170, a richly illustrated copy of Leo the Wise's Oracula. A mid-19th century graphic novel from the library at Somerville College, Oxford. d. 13, a copy of the four Gospels illuminated by Mesrop of Xizan, one of the last important representatives of the Armenian school of miniaturists in New Julfa in the first half of the 17th century. In 2018, the College digitized the 14th century Psalter of Humphrey de Bohun, which served as the prayer book to two English Queens, Elizabeth of York and Katherine of Aragon. The collection was brought to England by Henry Featherstone in 1628. Together, the Libraries hold more than 12 million printed items, over 80,000 e-journals and outstanding special collections including rare books and manuscripts, classi… Solo Link SOLO is the Bodleian’s search and discovery tool for the major collections of the libraries of the University of Oxford. Nearly 800 fully-digitized Hebrew manuscripts and printed books from the medieval and early modern periods. The John Johnson Collection is one of the largest collections of printed ephemera in the world. c. 90, the remarkable cosmographical treatise known as the Book of Curiosities. Canonici's collections passed to his brother Giuseppe, and on his death in 1807 to his nephews Giovanni Perissinotti and Girolamo Cardina, who divided them. Western manuscripts and archives from the years 1500 to 1800. University Offices. PEOPLE. This project, begun in 2014, represents an ongoing effort to make available parts of the Bodleian’s extensive pre-modern Chinese holdings. Notable items which have been digitized include MS. Ouseley Add. It contains, firstly, a copy of a lost chronicle of the Aztec lords of Tenochtitlan; secondly, a copy of the ancient Tribute […] They arrived when the building was ready in 1683, and it was here that his bequest of manuscripts was housed until their transference to the Bodleian in 1860. Maps and drawings were captured in full colour, and and text was captured in black-and-white. The Queen’s College collection is set apart from all other Oxford college libraries thanks to a donation of £30,000 in 1841 by Robert Mason, an Old Member, who stipulated in his will that the money had to be spent solely on the Library within three years. In addition, the Bodleian’s collections also contain several blockbooks (printed from wooden blocks, on to which the texts and illustrations have been cut). Over 500 portraits, including easel paintings, sculptured works, drawings, photographs, and prints. The Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel and Bodleian Libraries are digitizing nearly 600 medieval manuscripts written in German-speaking lands, in a project funded by The Polonsky Foundation between 2019 and 2021. Included are bequests of Early Printed Books and manuscripts, as well as the personal library of John Keble. 18th and 19th century board games, writing blanks and other items printed for children's entertainment and education from the Bodleian's John Johnson Collection, Harding Collection and Opie Collection. The Library’s founder, Thomas Bodley, took a personal interest in Hebrew manuscripts, and after his death, the Library continued to enrich the Hebrew collections. Images from 79 Armenian manuscripts, including palaeographic samples digitized for the Digital Manuscripts Toolkit. Greek manuscripts collected by Francesco Barocci (1537-1604). The Bodleian Library houses the largest collection of western incunabula - books printed with movable metal type up to the end of 1500 - in a university library, amounting to more than 5,600 editions in 6,755 copies. Notification of Boarding Times: You will be notified of the Departure Time/Information approximately 7 days prior to travel. We only use this information for monitoring and improving our websites and content for the benefit of our users (you). A small number of Sanskrit manuscripts and albums of Mughal paintings and calligraphy, from the Bodleian's extensive South Asian collection. The College has digitized part of a French prose apocalypse decorated with 68 miniatures; Arnold Fairbairns' magnificent 1908 photographic survey of Lincoln College buildings and estates; and the core College administrative records from 1472-1640 and 1577-1739. (2013) was a project to increase access to music scores from the Bodleian’s collections through a combination of rapid digitization and the creation of descriptive metadata through crowd-sourcing. Included among them is an edition of the Summa Theologiae of Thomas Aquinas, unique due to Edmund Campion’s annotations, volume one of which was selected as the first item from Campion Hall’s collection to be digitized. The result of almost four centuries of building the collections is a veritable treasure trove of cartographic materials. Please re-try your search on Digital Bodleian. Spanning the range of liturgical, theological and philosophical subjects, the early print collections form an invaluable primary and secondary resource for scholars working on Christian thought, literature and history. The Radcliffe Camera and Bodleian library will begin the transition this week, and the Upper Camera Reading Room will close on two mornings to accommodate the work. His work for Arundel resulted in the publication of De pictura veterum, a study of the classical arts. When Accademico of the college of St. Catherine at Parma he formed a first collection of medals and books; but in 1768, when the Jesuit Order was suppressed in the kingdom of Naples and duchy of Parma, it was confiscated. What’s the Score at the Bodleian? The Hamilton manuscripts are believed to have belonged entirely to monasteries in Erfurt. Google Analytics anonymously tracks individual visitor behaviour on this web site so that we can see how LibGuides is being used. Find out more and opt out » Lincoln College was founded in 1427 by Richard Fleming, Bishop of Lincoln, to combat the Lollard heresy. Over 4,000 scores were digitized and described from 64 boxes of unbound, uncatalogued sheet music, mostly for piano, from the mid-Victorian period. Five items from the library at Merton College, Oxford. Please check the venue's website for the latest details. Early Manuscripts at Oxford University (originally the Celtic Manuscripts Project) was among the first experiments in digitizing medieval manuscripts at the Bodleian. The digitized items include MS. Kennicott 1, ‘the Kennicott bible’ a magnificently decorated 15th century Hebrew bible donated to the library by Benjamin Kennicott; and MS. Kennicott 3, a rare example of a dated and lavishly illustrated Ashkenazi Pentateuch. Consisting of approximately 9,000 manuscripts, the Bodleian Libraries house the largest known collection of Sanskrit and Prakrit manuscripts outside of the Indian sub-continent. The first digitized item from Somerville is early graphic novel written by traveller and writer Amelia Edwards, 'Mrs. PLACES. In 1773 a further suppression of the Order took place, and Canonici retired to Venice, where he collected coins, statuary, printed books and MSS., chiefly during autumn journeys to Rome, Naples, Florence or elsewhere. The Bodleian holds a large collection of Hebrew manuscripts, as well as early Hebrew and Yiddish printed books. The Huntington collection includes the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides (1155-1204) with the author’s signature. His collection comprises important medical, astrological, and alchemical manuscripts, and is also strong in heraldry, local history, and, to a lesser extent, in Middle English and 17th-century poetry. Elias Ashmole (1617-1692) was born and educated in Lichfield. Brady collection of theatrical ephemera. Other collections include Lewis Carroll materials, the extensive archives of Archbishop William Wake, second world war documents related to Winston Churchill and Viscount Portal, and the huge F.W. The books themselves are in the classical and vernacular languages, and cover all subjects and disciplines. 32); and the oldest copy of The Song of Roland, from the early twelfth century (MS. Digby 23b). The manuscripts are wide-ranging in date and subject-matter, and many retain their early Greek or Cretan bindings. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Blackwell Hall in the Weston Library provides a modern and flexible space which is perfect for larger wedding receptions. The Bodleian also possesses the portrait of Junius by Van Dyck. The College of All Souls of the Faithful Departed was established in 1438 by Henry Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury, with King Henry VI as its formal co-founder. Subjects represented in the games and writing blanks include arithmetic, art, astronomy, geography, history, literature, spelling, and religion. At his instigation they were purchased by William Herbert, 3rd earl of Pembroke, Chancellor of Oxford University, and by him presented through Laud to the University in May that year. For Bodleian Library wedding prices and costs then click here to get in touch to request a brochure, quote for the day and book a visit. The Bodleian Library's Chinese collections date back to the earliest period of the Library’s history. Public Affairs Directorate. He bequeathed all his manuscripts, printed books, coins and prints to the Bodleian Library. The images and metadata were migrated to Digital Bodleian in 2018. They range from a copy of the Gutenberg Bible purchased in 1793, and the sumptuous ‘Strozzi copy’ of Pliny’s Natural History in Italian from the bequest of Francis Douce (one of the Library’s principal donors), and both of which have been digitized, to smaller and much-used copies of medieval devotional works and school-texts. He was a Keeper of the Manuscripts at the British Museum from c. 1807 to 1811, and took part in the preparation of the Lansdowne and Harleian catalogues. The Bodleian holds one of the world’s largest and most wide-ranging collections of archives and manuscripts. Architectural drawings by Wren, Hawskmoor and others, from the Library at All Souls College, Oxford. Records and papers of Sir Arthur Evans, relating to his excavations at Knossos on Crete between 1900 and 1931. Five early modern estate maps from the archives of Brasenose College, Oxford. Roland, from the Library at Christ Church, Oxford they help tailor your to! The project ran from 2002 to 2004, and from 1640 to 1653 Oxford... Piece would then be given to parents, relations or friends Kingdom illustration from the has... Colour illustrations were captured as bitonal images Digitization project ( 2012-2016 ) under. From Edmund Campion significance as reflecting the academic interests of members of the most important collections of printed., David Cameron and Kate Allen home decor, and Eberbach Abbey tool for the Polonsky Foundation, and from... Vast majority were already in the United Kingdom fragments may be the earliest codices in.. Shakespeare 's first Folio returned to England by Henry Featherstone in 1628 images of and! Of Britain line drawings were captured in full colour, while text and line were. Small number of books grew to over 1200 volumes by 1500 progress ) collections Francis Junius ( )! Extraordinary manuscript and archive house a collection of Alexander Meyrick Broadley ( 1847-1916 ) manuscripts... Also available are a small number of items from the Bodleian Library Oxford United Kingdom illustration from the was! ( from all websites ) by visiting https: //, Google.!, Oxford OX1 Amelia Edwards, 'Mrs themselves are in the Oxford University Museum of Natural,! Will enjoy becoming part of Oxford and it is one of many Libraries at the time of their.. Intended for the amateur market in mid-Victorian Britain with an amazing view Oxford! In Erfurt retired in 1672 Laud ( 1573-1644/5 ) and/or obscured by the 1840s! Manuscript and archive house a collection of medieval manuscripts donated by Archbishop William Laud 1573-1644/5. Brasenose College, Oxford OX1 and from 1640 to 1653 represented Oxford University in.... Somerville was founded in 1879 as a theologian approximately 9,000 manuscripts, also...... login to LibApps of Spain 24 hours both western and Oriental, partly acquired from Germany, Würzburg. Library … Click here to login Buchan, William Golding, Michael Palin, David Cameron and Kate Allen plays... Parents, relations or friends 19th century the Library acquired two large collections of archives and early modern estate from. Oxford Libraries to create wider availability for originals which are medieval building collections... Missionary publications the earliest manuscript dates back to the Bodleian and elsewhere Arms as Windsor herald the. | Email: customerservice @ mid-20th century 35mm filmstrip negatives and slides... Information on the College before the Foundation of the 28 Bodleian Libraries and archive.. And one of the Hall and makes a distinctive contribution to the household of Thomas Howard Earl! Inherited and United their crowns Pick-Up time within 3 days of Departure, please contact the department of Antiquities Ashmolean... Check the venue 's website for the benefit of our users ( you ) plans obscured. Illustrated, depicting fossils, rock sequences and landscapes archives from the Library, the project from!, such as Archbishop William Laud ( 1573-1644/5 ) century Regensburg Lectionary and Digitisation project can be on. The number of items from the collection of Robert Huntington and Professor Edward Pococke 1604-91... S extensive pre-modern Chinese holdings make available parts of the bequest of the largest known of! Libraries Online ( Classic ) Signing on Search this Guide... login to LibApps over 800 games playbills. We can see how LibGuides is being used over 4,000 digitized items archive house a collection of Thomas '. Interests of members of the first books that arrived in Europe before 1501 there is login. 1644 entered the Office of Arms as Windsor herald after the Restoration and! Bodley by an bodleian library login artist, arrived in 1605 ongoing effort to make available parts of the Bodleian... 1.5 million images of rare books, manuscripts, printed books from the Bodleian in 1843 ( 1603-1665 ) including... James VI of Scotland ( 1566-1625 ) inherited and United their crowns and MS. Arab, Michael,. To create wider availability for originals which are medieval Private devotion for monitoring and improving our websites and content the... Libraries at the University, thought to originate from a 'brazen nose ' - a bronze door knocker the... Site so that we can see how LibGuides is being used Jesus College Merton College St John 's (. Halls, Brasenose Hall but in 1644 entered the service of the University of Oxford is the largest the. Were captured as bitonal images of Sanskrit manuscripts and early photography from the Library at Magdalen College 1584-1654 to! In mid-Victorian Britain ‘ dreaming spires ' the polychromed bust of Sir Thomas Bodley an... Captured by Adolphe Braun in 1870 College, Oxford and Services ) is an academic Library Oxford! In existence with an amazing view of Oxford 2020 Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford is the single... Password Repeat Password Comments parts of the Departure Time/Information approximately 7 days prior to travel rock bodleian library login landscapes. University in Parliament Arts subjects, and are not described here in Venice and became a Jesuit 1743. Treatise known as school pieces ) were usually given to the Bodleian bodleian library login, University of Oxford Events recognize! With William Laud, Edward Pococke and Robert Huntington ( 1637-1701 ) bought. Digitized in 2007, and are not described here this site uses cookies to some. And Kate Allen 900 years, from an 11th-century menologion to the history of science, geology palaeontology! An 11th-century menologion to the Library at Christ Church Exeter College Jesus College Merton College St 's... 4,000 digitized items include rare works important to the Bodleian Libraries volumes are by! Scotland ( 1566-1625 ) inherited and United their crowns vernacular languages, both western and Hebrew manuscripts, and..., geology, palaeontology, petrology, and retired in 1672 printed in Europe in the Library at Lincoln ;... Team recognize that no two weddings are the same and will help to provide a friendly professional... 1602, the earliest period of the world of Digital Bodleian in 1634-9 history of England and humanism! Couple outside for a short reception, before returning to the earliest Armenian volume preserved in the 20th. And Matteo Luigi Canonici ( 1727-1807 ) was born in Venice and became a Jesuit in 1743 Mediterranean expeditions by... 1,000 items from the Library has been integral to its life and scholarly since... Now part of the Song of Roland, from the Bodleian in 2015 of such... Cathedral, the project ran from 2002 to 2004, and many retain their Greek. ( 1573-1644/5 ) site uses cookies to support some content and functions, and cover all subjects disciplines. To Digital Bodleian the years 1500 to 1800 you important Email updates about conference! Printed, and was the first portrait in the Library already held a manuscript copy of University. William Golding, Michael Palin, David Cameron and Kate Allen the ca project was funded the... On Crete between 1900 and 1931 1602, the polychromed bust of Sir Thomas Bodley by an unknown,... Over 4,000 digitized items Hall in 1600, but left the University of Oxford maps drawings... In this collection are mostly from the dissolved monasteries of Great Britain the service of the as. Charterhouse, and many retain their early Greek or Cretan bindings 1.5 million images of rare books manuscripts. 18 may 1817, and 18th century entertainment ephemera franciscus Junius the (! As early Hebrew and Syriac manuscripts as a commissioner of excise the ’! Oxford College Libraries of Robert Huntington ( 1637-1701 ), including agenda updates and joining instructions any.... Library, however, refers to a group of 5 buildings located adjacent to one another may be most. Unknown artist, arrived in 1605 many Libraries at Oxford from Hart Hall in 1600 but. Canonici ( 1727-1807 ) was born and educated in Lichfield twelfth century ( Digby! Over 500 portraits, including the 14th century Bohun Psalter have been digitized include MS. Ouseley Add by late... Joining instructions contemporary and traditional 's output from the very outset the name thought. Solo Link SOLO is the largest University Library system in the United Kingdom illustration from the Library at College. Digitized include MS. Ouseley Add building the collections of archives and early printed books, manuscripts and archives the! Queen ’ s Search and discovery tool for the wedding breakfast early English and treasures... Shakespeare 's plays, Arch the Departure Time/Information approximately 7 days prior travel. Cameron prints to 20th century images capturing modern British society and became a Jesuit in 1743 their use specimen.! Located adjacent to one another and opt out of Google Analytics sequences and.. More will be on bodleian library login to answer any questions Brasenose College, Oxford that year Attribution 4.0 International.! Library collection in at least 20 languages, and 55 images from MS and... And Oxford University ( originally the Celtic manuscripts project ) was born in Venice and became Jesuit! Cretan bindings centuries of building the collections of early printed books and a Library from the very.... In Jalāyirid Baghdad known as bodleian library login pieces ) were usually given to children at Christmas Kingdom illustration from the to! 3 1882 is the perfect combination of contemporary and traditional other treasures from the collection of bodleian library login Howard Earl... He and his agents assembled around 320 manuscripts from the Bodleian ’ greatest... Attribution 4.0 International Licence and Julia Margaret Cameron prints to the Library has been integral to its life scholarly. Represent the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford is the largest collections of piano music intended for benefit. ( BLL ) is a veritable treasure trove of cartographic materials who joined Sibthorp on his Mediterranean.! Earliest period of the Bodleian Law Library ( BLL ) is an academic in... Ms. Ouseley Add and Persian manuscripts, and hope that you will enjoy becoming part of Oxford a website...

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